A Message About Our Health Care Professionals' Interactions With Industry


UW Health chief executive officer Alan Kaplan, MDThe faculty physicians of the University of Wisconsin and UW Medical Foundation, and our non-physician health care providers, engage in a variety of interactions with companies in the pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device industries. Some health care professionals may also have personal financial interests in such companies, for example, by owning stock or receiving compensation directly from companies for consulting.


Interactions with Industry bring together the best minds in medicine, science and engineering to advance health. We think full disclosure and careful management of these interactions is essential to ensure they do not interfere with the best interests of the patients in our care.


The UW Medical Foundation Policy on Interactions with Industry addresses what we view as appropriate conduct for our health care professionals who interact with Industry.


We think that all patients deserve well-informed, objective decision-making based on their best interests. We expect our health care providers to make patient care decisions that are clinically sound, free of undue economic influence, and consistent with the highest professional standards.


If you have questions about your health care providers' relationship(s) with pharmaceutical, biologic or medical device companies, please feel free to discuss them directly with your health care providers.


You can also obtain information confidentially by using an online form. If you prefer to submit your request by postal mail, please use the address below, and include your name, mailing address, and the name(s) of the health care provider(s) about whom you would like information:


Office of Industry Relations

UW School of Medicine and Public Health

4115 Health Sciences Learning Center

750 Highland Avenue

Madison, WI 53705


Thank you very much for choosing UW Health to serve your health care needs.



Alan Kaplan, MD

CEO, UW Health