Primary Care Team

YOU are the center of your health care team. As your partner, we'll provide support to help you focus on your health care needs and goals.


View a visual representation of your Primary Care Team (pdf)

care teamPrimary Care Physician (PCP)

  • Directs and coordinates your care as your care team leader
  • Makes complex decisions in diagnosing and treating your health issues


Advanced Practice Provider (APP) - Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Physician Assistant (PA)

  • May be your Primary Care Provider
  • Partners with your PCP to provide you with preventative, chronic, and acute care
  • You may alternate your visits between your PCP and NP/PA
  • Can order your lab tests and x-rays and can prescribe your medicine 


Resident or Medical Student

  • Resident – A doctor in training who works with your PCP
  • Medical Student – A future doctor who is learning how to care for patients by working with the PCP


Registered Nurse (RN)

  • Coaches you on ways to achieve health and prevent disease
  • Helps you manage your health at and between visits
  • Partners with you to manage your chronic conditions


Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Medical Assistant (MA)

  • Helps ensure you receive needed prevention and screening tests
  • Coaches you on ways to achieve health and prevent disease
  • Helps you on the day of your clinic visit
  • Contacts you between visits



  • Welcomes you to the clinic
  • Supports you in getting timely responses and visits 
  • Helps schedule your care after and between clinic visits 


With our team approach to care at UW Health, you may see or hear from one or more members of your health care team. Your care team is here for you!