Clinics and Maps

Internal Medicine


Our internal medicine physicians offer comprehensive diagnostic and primary care services for patients over 18 years of age. They regularly deal with complex medical problems and provide a complete range of general internal medical care, including the diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic illnesses, gynecological care and minor surgery.


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Family Medicine


Family physicians provide both immediate and routine day-to-day health care services, including diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses for patients of all ages. Family physicians also provide preventive and health maintenance services, family planning, gynecological services and minor surgery.


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Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine


Our pediatric and adolescent medicine specialists provide a broad range of services to children ranging in age from birth to 18 years of age. We provide a comprehensive approach and offer the entire spectrum of pediatric and adolescent primary health care.


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Physicians specializing in geriatrics and gerontology provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and primary and specialty care for individuals over 65 years of age. They concentrate on the physical and emotional limitations common in older adults and emphasize multidisciplinary assessment involving a wide spectrum of health care providers.


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Urgent Care


Urgent Care providers concentrate on the treatment of urgent, non life-threatening conditions at our West Towne and East Towne Clinics.


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