Orthotics Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment to receive orthoses that have been prescribed by my doctor?
Yes, an appointment is required prior to seeing an Orthotist or Fitter. Please call (608) 263-0583 to schedule an appointment.
Do I need a prescription to receive an orthosis?
Yes. The prescription can be provided by your primary physician or specialist physicians, including podiatrists and nurse practitioners.
What if I have a previously unfilled prescription?
Your prescription should be current and is accepted three months after the date of issue.
Will my insurance cover my orthosis?
Coverage depends on your insurance plan. It is best to check with your plan administrator prior to your appointment. Some items require you see a practitioner first so a prior authorization can be obtained. Staff at our individual clinics can help you with questions about insurance procedures. Applicable co-pays will be billed after your appointment.
How long does it take to receive a prescribed orthosis?
The time to receive an orthosis varies depending on the type. For custom-fabricated items, we strive to deliver within 3 weeks of your evaluation.
How long does an orthosis last?
The life of an orthosis depends on the item, usage requirements and the patient's lifestyle. All items carry warrantees against defects in materials and workmanship. Specific item warrantees can be discussed with your practitioner during your visit.
What kind of shoes do I need to wear with these?
Patients who are prescribed foot or lower leg orthoses usually have to consider what kind of shoes to wear with the orthoses. Shoe style depends on the patient's diagnosis and uses of the orthoses. Most patients need a solidly-constructed athletic shoe. You may discuss your specific needs with your practitioner during your first appointment.
How long do I have to wear the orthosis?
Your prescribing physician can best answer this question.
What if I need an adjustment?
Please call our clinics for an appointment for adjustment:
  • Orthotics Clinic
    6220 University Ave., Madison
    (608) 263-0583
  • Rehabilitation Clinic
    6630 University Ave., Middleton
    (608) 263-8410
  • Research Park Clinic
    621 Science Drive, Madison
    (608) 265-8808
  • UW Health at The American Center
    4602 Eastpark Blvd., Madison 
    (608) 440-6677