Dizziness and Balance Rehabilitation

Contact Information

Rehabilitation Clinic: (608) 263-8412

Yahara Clinic: (608) 890-6110

The physical therapists of the Dizziness and Balance Rehabilitation Program use a variety of technologies, extensive expertise and the latest scientific research to assess patients and develop individualize treatment strategies to help people overcome devasting effects of dizziness, poor balance and difficulty walking.


About Our Team


Our team of therapists provide treatment for symptoms that accompany dizziness, vertigo, spinning, labyrinthitis, vestibular migraines and neuritis, Meinere's disease, motion sickness, and more, and counsel patients on strategies to prevent falls.


Five of our therapists are certified in vestibular rehabilitation and two are board-certified in neurological physical therapy. These professionals listen to your account of your problems, select standardized assessment tools that determine impairments, provide information to referring providers to determine an accurate diagnosis, and develop customized plans of treatment tailored to meet your needs. Treatment is carried on in the clinic and reinforced by a home program.




Specialty services include:

  • Computerized dynamic posturography to assess balance (Rehabilitation Clinic)
  • Infrared video-oculography to assess dizziness
  • Canalith repositioning maneuvers (including the Epley Maneuver) for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
  • Computerized movement analysis of walking (Rehabilitation Clinic)
  • Fall prevention, including risk identification and reduction
  • Individualized neuromuscular reeducation training therapy to decrease dizziness and unsteadiness