This Month in Sports Rehabilitation: Improving Your "X Factor" (Dec. 2011)

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The "X Factor," first coined by Jim Mclean in 1992, revealed that the shoulders of great golf ball strikers out-turn their hips, forming an X when lines are drawn across the shoulders and hips at the top of the swing. Golfers with the largest X Factors were the longest hitters on the professional golf tour.


From that work the "X Factor Stretch," defined as the amount the X Factor increases or stretches at the start of the downswing, evolved. As the pelvis begins its motion towards the target and the trunk lags behind, a stretch develops in the muscles of the torso, allowing for greater force and the ability to hit longer shots.


Working on Your X Factor


A good way to increase your golf power is to improve your ability to separate your upper from your lower body during the swing. To do so, you need to work on the physical attributes that boost your X Factor Stretch, including flexibility, stability and core strength.


The UW Health Golfers Clinic is staffed by physical therapists and athletic trainers certified by the Titleist Performance InstituteTM who work with golfers of all ages and ability levels to address physical limitations that affect the

efficiency and power of the golf swing.


In addition to our one-on-one consultations, we are also offering an eight-week Preseason Golf Conditioning Class that can help you get into shape for the upcoming golf season and improve your X Factor Stretch.


The Gift of a Better Swing


You can give the gift of a better swing to your favorite golfer for the holiday season. The UW Health Sports Medicine Center offers gift certificates that can be used for video analysis at the Golfers Clinic, the Golf Conditioning Class or any of our other specialty sports clinics.


Pick one up at our Research Park Clinic or call (608) 263-4765 for more information.