UW Health Pharmacy Department Strategic Goals

What we do to achieve our mission

Integration and Alignment
Communicate and collaborate effectively across UW Health and the community we serve to align and integrate the department with the strategic goals of the system and advance the geographic strategy of the UW Health enterprise.
Clinical Quality Distinction
Maximize the patient care role of pharmacists in partnering with physicians and other providers to assure optimal medication use in a manner which appropriately balances clinical outcomes with financial performance and optimizes the patient care experience through service excellence.
Financial Stewardship and Drug Policy Advancement
Assure strong financial health through advancing formulary and drug policy initiatives to ensure evidence-based cost-effective medication use; perform accurate and rationale drug budgeting and forecasting to promote fiscally responsible prescribing.
Supply Chain Optimization 
Apply fundamental supply chain management principles to ensure drugs are purchased at the best possible advantage and to maximize drug product integrity and handling efficiency.
Revenue Cycle Optimization
Optimize the revenue cycle to maximize accurate and appropriate charge capture, coding, billing, and reimbursement for medications and pharmacist medication therapy management (MTM) services.
Entrepreneurial Diversification
Identify and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities that are consistent with the mission of UW Health.
Leadership in Clinical & Operational Research
Conduct and support clinical, translational and practice research to improve care delivery systems, medication utilization, and health outcomes.
Operational Performance Excellence
Provide safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-centered medication use systems, maximizing the use of information technology and automation to support delivery of superior clinical care and improve operational efficiency.
Corporate and Regulatory Compliance
Ensure achievement of and compliance with all medication- and pharmacy-related quality and regulatory standards.
Employee Growth, Engagement and Customer Satisfaction
Create a best work environment to maximize staff engagement and patient and provider satisfaction.
Education, Training and Mentorship
Provide outstanding mentorship and didactic and experiential training opportunities to advance the professional practice of students, interns, technicians, residents, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, and serve as the premier training site for the UW School of Pharmacy and our nationally recognized pharmacy residency training programs.
Professional Leadership and Outreach
Promote and advance the profession of pharmacy on local and national levels while supporting staff scholarly and professional advancement as well as community outreach initiatives.