Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Residency: Meet Our Resident

Ana Bienvenida, PharmD

  • PGY1: UW Health
  • Pharmacy School: Oregon State University
  • Residency Project: Implementation of Auto-Verification in the Emergency Department and Evaluation of Novel-Fixed Dosing Regimen of 4-factor PCC for warfarin reversal
  • Career Interests: Emergency medicine, Toxicology, Infectious Diseases
  • Hobbies: Yoga, thrifting, fly-fishing. Also eating, anywhere and anything
  • Why UW? The progressive and innovative nature of pharmacy at UW is what initially drew me to the program. The UW program met all the qualities I was looking for in a residency program through the wide variety of unique rotational experiences in a multidisciplinary environment, the strength of the resident research projects and the multiple leadership opportunities that would help me gain the professional competency I envisioned for myself. However, ultimately, the caring and thoughtful environment that I experienced during my interview is what finally drew me to the UW program. I am very excited to continue on at UW Health.
  • Contact E-mail: ABienvenida@uwhealth.org