Pharmacy Informatics Residency

Program Summary

Pharmacy Informatics Residency (pdf)

The pharmacy informatics residency at the UW Hospitals and Clinics is designed to provide training in the management of medication-use systems. The focus of the residency is to equip the resident with the relevant knowledge and concepts of information technology to enable them to function as an independent member of an informatics project team.


The residency offers options to complete the residency as a PGY2 standalone residency or as a PGY1 and PGY2 combined residency with the first year focusing on clinical pharmacist training and the second year focusing on informatics.


About the Pharmacy Informatics Residency


The informatics resident will participate as a member of an interdisciplinary informatics team at an academic medical center. The resident will gain experiences in all aspects of information technology within the health system, including:

  • Informatics Team Management
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Electronic Health Record Management
  • Analytics/Reporting
  • Inpatient Pharmacy Operations
  • Ambulatory Pharmacy Operations
  • Medication Safety
  • Supply Chain Management

Teaching Opportunities


Teaching opportunities are available at the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy as part of the Informatics Track for pharmacy students. Additionally, the resident will have the opportunity to become certified in Epic’s pharmacy application (Willow) and complete an industry rotation with Epic pharmacists.


Program Contacts

Current resident: Sharon Trang