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Overcoming a Rare Heart Condition: Michael's Remarkable Story

Detected during a prenatal ultrasound, Michael was faced with a rare heart condition transposition of the great arteries. With a hole in his heart and ventricles and arteries reversed, Michael met his pediatric cardiologist when he was only 3 days old and needed pediatric heart surgery when he was less than 3 months old. The pediatric heart team at American Family Children's Hospital worked together to treat Michael. Now 6, this sports-loving little boy is an active, rambunctious, happy kid.



Amazing Kids, Amazing Stories: Madisen's Story

Young Madisen is a self-admitted "tough cowgirl." At birth she was diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis, and has had to have multiple procedures as she's grown to fix her heart valve.


Using our low-dose radiation imaging technology, our pediatric heart team helped her get back in the saddle without a worry.



Amazing Kids, Amazing Stories: Miles' Story

Diagnosed with a heart condition at birth, Miles faced numerous surgeries and treatments before he was 9 months old.

Our pediatric heart team and hybrid catheterization lab has helped him get back to being a kid.



Amazing Kids, Amazing Stories: McKinnley's Story

Born eight weeks premature with an incredibly complex heart defect, McKinnley's early life was a constant struggle for survival. Her family opened their lives to UW Health photographer John Maniaci, who captured every step of their journey. Watch McKinnley's first weeks of life unfold through his camera lens.



UW Health Clinic offers help for young POTS patients

One in 5 patients with POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) are teenage girls. POTS affects a person's autonomic nervous system with symptoms like dizziness and nausea. UW Health's POTS Clinic has helped Kelleigh manage her symptoms and give her opportunities that she didn't think would be possible.



Daxton’s Heart was in the Right Place

Amber Noggle was 20 weeks pregnant when she went in for what she expected to be a routine ultrasound.


Once the scan was complete, Amber got nervous as several more medical staff entered the room. The next words she and her husband, Dustin, heard changed everything immediately.


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