Knee replacement

Mary Lou Madden's knee replacement story

Mary Lou Madden has a positive outlook on life. She has had two knee replacements and recently underwent knee revision surgery with Dr.John K. Wollaeger. Her advice to anyone who needs a joint replacement—don’t wait. She shares her story to encourage others.

On August 2, 2019, I had knee revision surgery. This would be the 2nd surgery for my right knee. (Left knee replaced August 2015). The previous right one being January 2018. So, hearing this news from Dr. Wollaeger was challenging for me to hear, but I knew I was in the best hands ever with him, and trusted his judgment 100%, and simply knowing this eased my apprehension.

 So, this was not my first rodeo so to speak, and it was nothing short of a miracle. I had a total extension a week after surgery. Left the hospital w/ no walking aids at all. Currently have and have had a flex of 127. And am currently finishing up 3 months of wonderful Physical Therapy.

This is a MUST and needed to become whole and strong and balanced again.

 So, if your choices are cortisone shots or replacement, don’t go for the Band-Aids. Tackle this like your healthy life depends on it. Because with a positive attitude, courage, fortitude, and can become whole again. And live pain free.

 For me there was no choice, because I have this one life, and I choose to live without regrets…Aka I should have, I wish I had, etc. Nope not for me. So get yourself over to the UW Health Ortho Clinic and see Dr. Wollaeger and his wonderful staff. Act like your life depends on it. You will never regret your decision. This will be a choice you will be forever grateful you have chosen.... I’m living proof.