Hip replacement

A hip replacement helped Gail stay active and pain free

Having my hip replaced has made all the difference.

My name is Gail Lucas. I had total left hip replacement surgery on June 21, 2013. Since then I have lost 25 pounds. I am on track to lose 75 more.

My surgery had to be performed by the UW Health Orthopedic Surgery Clinic because it was too complicated for my first surgeon. I asked my first surgeon to recommend the best surgeon at UW Madison. He recommended Dr. Matthew Squire. Dr. Squire performed my total hip replacement in June 2013 and did a wonderful job.

Being able to exercise is very important when losing weight and maintaining good health. Being able to walk is very important for life. I walked on the Cannon Ball bike path all winter. It is beautiful walking through the snow-covered woods and prairie.

I started out walking just one mile. Then two. Then 5-k. Now I am working towards walking five miles per day. It has taken me a long time to reach that goal but I have kept working on it, bit by bit. I feel great. I feel challenged. I am blessed to be able to walk again.

Don't wait to be able to walk again. Mobility is very important. You don't have to live with pain. It is also better to have the surgery before you gain any more weight.