Worship and Prayer Services

Contact Information

(608) 263-8574

University Hospital Chapel

The chapel is open to everyone for meditation, private prayer and worship.
The Spiritual Care Services offices are located in E5/620 in University Hospital.

Scheduled Services

Chapel use is reserved during the scheduled services noted below. All services are held in the Flad Family Chapel, located in the American Family Children's Hospital.
Catholic Mass 
  • Sunday, 3pm
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 12:05pm
Islamic Prayer 
  • Daily 1:15-2pm

Flad Family Chapel

The chapel is located on the first floor of the American Family Children's Hospital, room 1339. The chapel is open at all times. All are invited to use this space for personal reflection. Worship times and special services are posted at the chapel entrance. Prayer request cards are available inside the chapel. They are honored during regular Spiritual Care Services staff meetings.
For further assistance, please call the Spiritual Care Services department at (608) 263-8574.

Breath Prayer

A breath prayer is a way used by many religious traditions to center oneself or invite relaxation. Pick one of the following phrases, or make up your own. Repeat the first phrase as you inhale, the second as you exhale. Do this for several minutes.
I am . . . at peace
Be still . . . know God
I am . . . filled with love
I am . . . fully alive
Heal . . . me
Lord . . . have mercy
Kyrie . . . eleison
I forgive . . . myself
God . . . loves me
I am . . . healing
Let go . . . let God
I am . . . joyous
I am  . . . renewed

Other Resources for Healing

University Hospital and American Family Children's Hospital offer three television stations that can help patients during their stay.
  • Healing Channel
  • Chuckle Channel
  • C.A.R.E. Channel