Nursing Staff and Our Commitment to You

nursesThe nurses at UW Hospital and Clinics are members of patient care teams. The nursing staff on your unit have special knowledge and skill in caring for patients with your particular health needs.
They will coordinate your care, help you achieve your health care goals, involve family members in the coordination of your care, and create an effective discharge plan to help you make the transition from hospital to home or other care setting.
At University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics your nursing care will be delivered in a professional and personal manner that ensures comfort, respect and personal dignity, support for you and your family, information you can understand, your involvement in decisions and choices, and quality nursing care.
To ensure comfort, we will: 
  • Work with you to make you as comfortable and safe as possible
  • Work with other departments on your behalf to provide a healthy environment 
To ensure respect and personal dignity, we will: 
  • Treat you and your family with courtesy and respect
  • Introduce ourselves and explain our roles
  • Ask about and address you and your family by your preferred name
  • Take time to listen to you
  • Consider your privacy a priority
  • Respect differences in culture, values, lifestyles, coping skills and health care practices
  • Respect your ideas and feelings about how you want to be cared for
  • Respect and protect your confidentiality 
To ensure care that supports you and your family, we will:  
  • Take time with you to determine your needs, wants and priorities
  • Consider all your interests and needs, not just those related to your illness
  • Be flexible and responsible to accommodate your physical and emotional needs
  • Acknowledge the importance of family and visitors 
To ensure information you can understand, we will:  
  • Provide you with complete information and explain procedures in ways you can understand
  • Describe hospital and clinic routines
  • Explain typical events and common patient responses for your diagnosis
  • Answer any questions you have
  • Include your family, if you wish, when we are explaining things to you
  • Provide you with someone who speaks your language
  • Provide directions to help you and your family get around the hospital and surrounding area 
To involve you in choices and decisions, we will:  
  • Provide you with the information you need to participate in decision making
  • Include you in decision making about your plan of care
  • Respect your rights and choices and act as your advocate
  • Whenever possible, organize our work around your requests and preferences 
To ensure quality nursing care, we will:  
  • Carry out your care in an organized, efficient manner
  • Continually evaluate your response to treatment and adjust your plan of care as needed
  • Be skillful in performing procedures and in the operation of technical equipment
  • Continually evaluate the quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness of your care
  • Work with you to make your experience as short and as comfortable as possible
  • Respond to your requests promptly
  • Be knowledgeable about your illness