Mike Imhoff, Valet Services

Mike Imhoff, Valet ServicesWe’re the first faces you see when you come to the hospital. When I see someone who is flustered, I try to take the edge off by being friendly or humorous. It’s amazing what a smile can do. You can instantly see the calming effect.


We recently met a guy whose baby who was here for about a month. He would come down to get some fresh air and chat with us. You could tell he was trying to feel normal again. Before he went home, Sam, Steve and I wrote out a card for him. He got a little choked up when we gave it to him.


A few weeks later, he brought us a card, writing, 'Thank you for being a friend when a guy just needed a friend.' This time we were the ones getting choked up!


It feels good to see that you’ve helped someone. When people share their story of how they got here, I reassure them by saying, ‘You couldn’t have brought your child to a better place. This is exactly where you’d want to be. You’re in good hands.’


Kids are ultra-friendly here. There are a lot of heart-melting moments. You see a lot of happy endings, but not always. It’s never easy to see a child who is sick. The emotional aspects are the most challenging.


I see a lot of people going the extra mile for our patients and their families - people who really care. It’s a happy, friendly and positive atmosphere. Pretty hard to be in a bad mood around here! I love this job; I essentially get paid to do good deeds all day!


- Mike Imhoff, Valet Services, American Family Children's Hospital