Medical Staff

UW Health physiciansYour healthcare team includes a staff of physicians. An attending physician, who is a faculty member of the University of Wisconsin Medical School, is the coordinator of the team and has ultimate responsibility for your care.
Other physicians on the team will discuss important decisions and plans with the attending physician, and will work with you, your family and all members of the healthcare team to develop and carry out your plan of care.

Resident physicians are fully licensed physicians, working under the supervision of the attending physician. Senior residents are completing advanced specialty training. They are highly skilled in hospital medicine and provide direct supervision for less experienced junior residents who are beginning specialized training. Resident physicians work closely with your attending physician in planning and providing your care.

Medical students may assist in your care under the direct supervision of the physician staff. They may also be involved in obtaining laboratory and X-ray results for their supervising physician and may convey information from you to your physician.