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Sharrie Heibl, a cancer survivor, was inspired by her own experience to help other women know the signs and symptoms of gynecologic cancers. She shares her thoughts on what she's grateful for in life.


Sharrie HeiblAll of my life I have been surrounded by music and love.


As an infant, my mom and I would listen to my dad and his band friends play popular 40's swing music from a carefully chosen spot outside the venue door.


Growing up there was always music in our home from Dad's great trumpet playing, to mom's piano music, to sing-a-longs at Christmas with "all the relatives", to "records" on the turn table.


Our wedding gift from my folks was a beautiful piece of furniture containing radio/stereo with tape recording and playing features.


Our son is a musician song/writer and my husband is a true music junkie with knowledge and love of rock music and musicians from the Beatles to Dylan to Foo Fighters and on and on.


We spend many evenings and weekends touring different venues to enjoy rock music. Personally, I play the flute and enjoy bringing tears to the eyes of my listeners with the music that friends and I make.


Surrounded by music…all of my life!


The love part, surrounded by love, is wonderfully one of those unique opportunities that some of us experience un-questioning, un-ending, all encompassing love, from friends and especially from family. Having been surrounded, since always, by these two important treasures, being able to call myself a cancer survivor is simply "frosting on the cake."


I am truly thankful to all of the wonderful, skilled people my husband and I have learned to know and trust through our cancer experience. Knowing that the UW Carbone Cancer Center nurses and docs are there, ready, willing and truly experienced is very comforting.


I don't know the songwriter or even the artist, but when things are pretty awful, such as for me, being diagnosed with cancer; or perhaps for you, being in the middle of cancer treatments - sick and fatigued; or perhaps you, a cancer medical expert with new challenges and concerns, this song seems to put things a little bit into perspective:

 Sharrie's garden

"When you're worried and just can't sleep try counting blessings instead of sheep and you'll fall asleep counting your blessings"


May your heart be filled with joy and hope and your soul filled with peace.


My cancer was a complete surprise because I thought it was simply part of menopause and the aging process. I want other women to be informed about gynecologic cancers in an effort to encourage early detection.


Our son designed a website for me,, where people can learn of the signs and symptoms of five gynecologic cancers. I have also developed a brochure that has beautiful pictures of our garden on the front and the signs and symptoms on the back. The pictures are intended to spark conversation and the back to give factual health information that hopefully will be shared with others. These can be obtained by connecting with the website.


About Sharrie Heibl


Sharrie is the wife of Bill for 36 years and mom of Dave for 29 years. She is a teacher in the Madison Metropolitan School District and loves teaching and an active life style.