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Map/Directions to the Radiation Oncology Clinic

View directions to the Radiation Oncology clinic (pdf)

Registration for Clinic Appointments
Please report to Outpatient Registration located in the Towne Square (see map).  The only appointments that do not require you to stop at Outpatient Registration are daily treatments on one of the linear accelerator or TomoTherapy machines.
Valet parking is available in the hospital main parking ramp. If you prefer, you also can park your car in the ramp yourself.
Finding Radiation Oncology
The Radiation Oncology Department is located in the B (basement) level. See Map
When you enter the hospital on the second floor, follow the stone path on the floor (Main Street) to the north end of the building until you reach the K module (Letter K). Take the double set of elevators to the first level. Cross the lobby and follow the hallway to the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research elevators. Take the elevator down to the B level. Turn right out of the elevators to enter Radiation Oncology.
Please check in at the Radiation reception area to notify us of your arrival. The receptionist will verify information, including your address and your insurer(s) information and then direct you to the appropriate waiting area.
The Radiation Oncology Department also has services available at the UW Health East Clinic. If this would be a more convenient location for you to receive daily treatments, please talk with your health care provider.
Phases of Care
Radiation oncology patients go through the following phases during their treatments:
  • Nutrition is important before, during and after cancer treatments. Registered Dietitians at the UW Carbone Cancer Center are devoted to providing nutrition care to enhance overall health of patients and their families. Schedule an appointment with a Registered Dietitian by calling (608) 265-1700.
  • Radiation therapy can cause your skin to become sensitive to the sun and extreme hot and cold temperatures. While undergoing radiation treatments, try to avoid exposure to the sun and the use of hot or cold packs. If you are in the sun, cover the treatment area and use sun block.
  • Use mild soaps and lotions that do not include alcohol or metals, such as aluminum, in the list of ingredients. Some examples of mild soaps are: Neutrogena, Dove, Aveeno and Ivory. Our staff may give you a sample of lotion to use on the treatment area. These lotions can then be found at your local drugstore or our hospital pharmacy. Use the lotion at least once a day, but not immediately before your treatments. Clean and dry your skin for treatments.
  • Treatments may cause fatigue or tiredness. Rest as often as you feel necessary.