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Meet Our Patient and Advisors

Find out what motivated these individuals to volunteer. Meet our advisors

Why become a Patient and Family Advisor? It's a meaningful way to ...

  • Share your perspectives to help improve the UW Health experience for others 
  • Feel great knowing that you are making a difference
  • Hone valuable skills, such as providing feedback and collaborating with others as part of a team
  • Gain an insider's look at health care and improvement efforts
  • Contribute to the design or redesign of facilities and processes for greater efficiency and ease
  • Serve on hiring committees for UW Health leadership positions
  • Participate in patient and family advisory councils to help shape care in a particular area
  • Provide feedback on patient education materials

... and much more


Patient and Family Advisors – In Their Own Words


"At UW Health, my perspective as a patient and family member is valued and appreciated. It's a true partnership." – Peggy Zimdars


"It's my way of giving back and feeling like I'm doing something good." – Mike Lingren


"For me, it's been an extremely positive experience and I'm very happy doing it." – Alan Sweet


"I would definitely advise anyone to join an advisory board because it's very beneficial and empowering for yourself as well as the patients you represent." – Ja'Mel Ware


"I joined to learn and actively engage in my mother's health care. And I continue in her honor as it's my way of giving back and making a difference for other families." – Irene Ekleberry


"It has been a great learning experience and I feel very honored to have had this opportunity." – Kristine Weise


"A recent highlight for me was speaking at Bone Marrow Transplant meeting of providers and insurers." – Susan Phillips

"It's been a real honor to be a part of something from the ground up." – Kim Lockwood