Claude Gilmore, Patient and Family Advisor


As a cancer survivor, I am passionate about helping to improve healthcare and enhancing the patient experience. I draw from my professional background as a healthcare executive and from my personal experiences as a patient.

I believe in being your own advocate and taking control of your health. For me, that includes actively using MyChart (online patient portal), partnering with my providers and being direct about what I need and expect from my care team.

I was fortunate to have a primary care doctor who took a keen interest in my family medical history (both my father and my brother had prostate cancer) and monitored my risk factors through regular testing. This proactive approach enabled early detection of cancer. After considering my options, I underwent radiation plus hormone treatment because research had shown that combination to be especially effective for men of color like me.

I am very grateful to be cancer-free today and for the expert care I received at UW Health.

Healthcare is complex and not easy to navigate; I want to help it become more patient-centered. Think about the language of healthcare, as one example – the jargon, acronyms and unfamiliar terminology – it’s not geared to the patient.

There’s always room for improvement in communication and coordination as well. That’s why I volunteer as a Patient and Family Advisor – to share what I have experienced and to be an active participant in devising solutions. Because when you are a patient, the little things are the big things, and everything matters.


- Claude Gilmore, volunteer/Patient and Family Advisor


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