Pancreas Cancer Task Force: Coming together to change the future of pancreas cancer

The UW Carbone Cancer Center has formed a Pancreas Cancer Task Force comprised of patients, family, friends, community leaders and concerned supporters to raise awareness of pancreas cancer and funds for researching diagnosis and treatment options for the disease.


About the Pancreas Cancer Task Force

The Pancreas Cancer Task Force is working to help make significant headway to advance the understanding of and funding for the disease. New insights into pancreas cancer are critically needed. It is essential to translate new pancreas cancer initiatives into meaningful improvements in monitoring, early detection and treatment.

The task force's 10-year goal: Raise $10 million to support basic "pilot" research projects, develop permanent research space within the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research and help recruit and retain the most talented researchers. The Gastrointestinal Cancer Department doctors and research staff within the Carbone Cancer Center fully support the efforts of this Task Force.

Pancreas cancer by the numbers

Our mission

Turning the statistics around

Pancreas cancer is one of the few cancers still on the rise. It is projected to become the second leading cause of cancer deaths. The Pancreas Cancer Task Force is seeking to turn the statistics around.

The mission of the Pancreas Cancer Task Force is to:

  • Create a world-class research facility with dedicated staff focusing on pancreatic cancer at UW Carbone Cancer Center.

  • Find an effective method for early detection, to extend the quality and length of life of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and ultimately to find a cure. To live in a world where pancreatic cancer is no longer a deadly killer.

View the Pancreas Cancer Strategic Plan (pdf)

Advancing pancreas cancer research

Pancreas cancer research at the UW Carbone Cancer Center is looking to turn the statistics about pancreas cancer around.

Support and events

Help make a difference

To make a personal or corporate donation, make a check payable to the "Pancreas Cancer Research Fund," and send it to:

UW Carbone Cancer Center
Attn: Pancreas Cancer Research Fund
600 Highland Avenue, K4/658
Madison, WI 53792-6164

More information

If you'd like more information about the Pancreas Cancer Task Force activities, please contact:
Sofia Refetoff, PhD
Pancreas Cancer Research Coordinator
UW Carbone Cancer Center
1111 Highland Avenue, WIMR 6031
Madison, WI 53705
(608) 265-2818


Please visit for a complete listing of upcoming opportunities to support many worthy causes through community fundraisers.


Your gift makes a difference

Support the mission of the Pancreas Cancer Task Force by making a donation to support new insights into the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

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