UW Health

At UW Health, our commitment is to serve humankind through medical innovation and unparalleled compassion. We provide expertise and quality care to patients and families throughout Wisconsin and beyond.


UW Health Great Things


UW Health is where technology and discovery intertwine with compassion and care for patients with the most serious of conditions.



UW Health Transplant: Remarkable


UW Health and UW Hospital and Clinics in Madison, Wisconsin, are national leaders in the field of kidney transplant.




UW Health Preventive Cardiology: Remarkable


Following a life-threatening heart attack, Joe got on track to better heart health with help from our cardiac catheterization team and UW Health Preventive Cardiology.



UW Health at The American Center: Remarkable


Introducing UW Health at The American Center, one of the most advanced hospitals and wellness centers in the country.





UW Health Minimally Invasive Surgery: Remarkable


UW Health surgeons can perform the most complex surgical cases with the smallest of incisions.




UW Health Nurses: Remarkable


The world-class nurses of UW Health set the bar high by providing the highest quality of care in the most demanding of circumstances.