At UW Health, our commitment is to serve humankind through medical innovation and unparalleled compassion. We provide expertise and quality care to patients and families throughout Wisconsin and beyond.


Meet some of our amazing patients and hear their stories:



Meet Lydia


Born with a cleft lip and palate, Lydia had a long health care journey that included many complex surgeries. Thanks to UW Health's American Family Children's Hospital, she has now "graduated" from our program and wants to share her story.


Meet Michael


During a prenatal ultrasound, Michael was diagnosed with a rare heart condition called corrected transposition of the great arteries. The pediatric heart team at UW Health's American Family Children's Hospital worked together to treat Michael. Now 6, he is an active, happy, sport-loving kid.


Meet Joe


In the immediate aftermath of heart surgery, Joe Servick followed a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation routine that involved exercise and nutrition counseling.


Meet Ben


Rushed to University Hospital with atrial tachycardia, Ben spent only one hour in the operating room and four days in the hospital total after surgeons removed his right atrial appendage.


Meet Lexi


Born deaf, Lexi came to Madison for cochlear implant surgery. The first words she heard after surgery were her mom's: "Hi, Lexi. We love you."


Meet Nathan


Referred to American Family Children's Hospital after a leukemia diagnosis, Nathan achieved "rapid remission" after a chemotherapy regimen that included home care.


Meet Terry


Recurrent chest pains led to a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy for Terry. His doctor told him to get to Madison immediately, where he received a left ventricular assist device prior to heart transplant.


Meet Madisen


A "tough cowgirl," Madisen was diagnosed at birth with aortic valve stenosis and has had multiple procedures to fix her heart valve. Using low-dose radiation imaging, our pediatric heart team helped her get back in the saddle.


Meet Miles


Diagnosed with a heart condition at birth, Miles faced numerous surgeries and treatments before he was 9 months old. Our pediatric heart team and hybrid catheterization lab has helped him get back to being a kid.

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