SwedishAmerican Health Care

SwedishAmerican, a division of UW Health, is a not-for-profit healthcare system headquartered in Rockford, Illinois. As the local market share leader, SwedishAmerican is comprised of two hospitals and 30 clinics and is known for their quality and compassionate care. As we work together to improve the health of residents of Northern Illinois, we wanted to share their messaging:




As children grow, you experience a lot of firsts. Turn to SwedishAmerican and UW Health for help when your little ones aren’t feeling well.



Deep Bench


Strength in numbers. Together the physicians of SwedishAmerican and UW Health collaborate to help keep the residents of Rockford healthy.





As parents, you’re there for your children, good times and bad. SwedishAmerican pediatricians and UW Health pediatric specialists in Rockford are there for them, too.



Kids Say it Better


Kids know a little something about health care. In this Kids Say it Better series of SwedishAmerican TV commercials, children tell what it's like to go to the doctor, describe how their heart sounds and reinforce the importance of staying well.



Life Lessons


Health care is not only about treating people when they are ill or injured, but also inspiring people to be well and live long, healthy lives. Through the Life Lessons ad series from SwedishAmerican, we feature real people (not scripted actors) who share inspiring thoughts about staying active and healthy at any age.