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Events are a unique way that you can help advance cancer rearch at the UW Carbone Cancer Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Through these events, you can make a significant difference for cancer patients and survivors.


Young kids and teens want to make a difference, whether for friends or loved ones. Organizing fundraising events can be a great experience, helping them learn important life skills while helping others. Following are ideas that kids and teens have done to help raise funds for the UW Carbone Cancer Center.


Popular Event Ideas


“Pass the Hat”


This event is relative easy and takes place during halftime at basketball games or other sporting events like volleyball. When the cheerleading squad goes out for their halftime dance, have the announcers make a statement that hats/buckets will be passed around. An announcement can be something like, "Fact: Every day, 79 people in Wisconsin are diagnosed with cancer. Put 79 seconds on the game clock and see how many donations you can get in that time."


One school in 2010 raised a whopping $700 by doing this. It took a little more than one minute.


Hold a “Pink Out” T-Shirt Night


Coordinate selling t-shirts based upon the type of cancer you are supporting. Example: pink for breast cancer, blue for prostate, purple for pancreas, etc. Youth sell t-shirts for $10 each with your school name/mascot and local sponsor names on them to be worn at a Friday varsity games. All the parents and students wear them in the bleachers, thus looking like one solid, unified color.


Add a Dollar to Youth Sport Event Tickets


Work with the athletic director and your sports booster club at your middle or high school for approval. Add an "optional" dollar to the entry price of a game (football, basketball, etc.) tickets and have signage that states each dollar goes to UW Carbone Cancer Center.


Baby Sitting Services


For students who are trained and knowledgeable, babysitting can be a great way to raise money. Advertise throughout the community. You can donate your babysitting fees to the UW Carbone Cancer Center.


Bake Sale


Hold a bake sale at school, church or other visible places in the community.


Car Wash


Get your high school sports team/student council together for a local town car wash along a popular street in your town. Also, have a bake sale/brat stand at the same time. Ask for a “suggested donation” for the car wash. You may pick up a few extra donations with that in mind.


"Dance for UW Carbone"


Charge $2-$5 for school dance entry. Have flyers that state the proceeds of school dances benefit the UW Carbone Cancer Center's cancer research fund.


Lunch Hour Raffle


Sell raffle tickets to fellow students for $1-2 each. Make sure giveaway item is donated from local store/business. Examples: gift cards, DVDs, etc.


"Fishing" Over the Lunch Hour


Set up a booth during the lunch hour in the cafeteria that looks like a pond with poles, etc. Have students use poles to hook a floating prize in a small kiddie swimming pool and charge to fish for a prize.


Windshield Washing


Collect donations for washing windshields as cars pass through drive-up window at a Fast food restaurant/drive-thru coffee shop.