Spotlight: Gunning for Hope

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UW Carbone Cancer Center


Gunning for Hope

September 24, 2014

Johnson Creek, Wisc.

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Christian Rosenstock organized Gunning for Hope to benefit the UW Carbone Cancer CenterWisconsin is home to two things: some of the best cancer research in the world and a lot of people who like to shoot and hunt. One person, Christian Rosenstock, decided to bring together his passion for hunting and shooting with a desire to support cancer research programs.


A frequent attendee of golf benefits around the state, Rosenstock often wondered why there wasn't such an event featuring shooting and hunting to benefit a cause for which he feels passion, cancer research. After waiting for years for an event like this to pop up in Wisconsin, Rosenstock decided to organize one himself. That's when "Gunning for Hope" was born.


All proceeds from the September 24 event at Milford Hills Hunt Club in Johnson Creek, which includes dinner and silent and live auctions, will benefit the UW Carbone Cancer Center.


We spoke with Rosenstock to talk about this unique event, his passion for shooting and why he sees cancer research as a way to impact the lives of all families in Wisconsin and beyond. Following are his responses to the questions we posed.


Tell Us About the Event


We have a lot of different shooting events available throughout the day including sporting clays, five-stand, rifle and handgun range, 3-D archery course, pheasant hunting and a handful of fun little shooting competitions. One, called Annie Oakley [after the famed Wild-West markswoman] is a knockout game where anywhere from two to six shooters can compete against each other. If the first person to shoot at the target flying through the air misses, the next person in line can shoot before the target hits the ground. If that person breaks the target than the person in front of them is out of the game. If the second person misses, then the third person gets the same chance on down the line until there is one person left.


Another, called flurry shoot, is when a number of people compete as a team together to get the highest team score. Up to 50 targets are launched in a very short window of time and everyone shoots and reloads to try to hit as many targets in a short stretch of time.


Why Raise Money for Cancer Research?


I'm blessed that my wife and children and myself have never had cancer, but my wife and I have lost friends, family and coworkers to the disease, some of whom passed at a very young age. It's become so prevalent. Everyone I know knows someone who has battled cancer - it's just that common now. That's why our objective at Gunning For Hope is to raise money for cancer research, to help find new treatments and cures. We didn't want to pick out just one type of cancer, as it wasn't initiated by just one tragic event. Cancer has become just a part of everyone's life, and that's a real shame. A co-worker who was battling esophageal cancer came and spoke at the fundraiser last year. Unfortunately, we lost him a few months ago, but it just goes to show you that it's in your family, it's in your friendships, it's in your work, it's in your colleagues, it's everywhere.


Why Choose the UW Carbone Cancer Center?


We are a Wisconsin-based nonprofit and our fundraiser is held right here in Wisconsin. So knowing that the funds that we raise are going to the cancer center here really helps. And I think that's really important to people who attend the event.


Can You Tell Us About the Evening Activities?


We have a great evening event after all the shooting and hunting is over for the day. We have a networking and cocktail hour while the silent auction and our raffles are happening. People can enjoy a beverage, share their laughs from the day's event, talk business and get to know each other. Dinner is served right on site at Milford Hills Hunt Club in a log cabin-style lodge. Imagine deer antler chandeliers and log walls, wood floors and big huge viewing windows looking out over the valley. Along with a silent auction, we also have a live auction including a safari package to Africa. It's a wonderful setting for dinner banquet, and we're looking forward to a great day of shooting.


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