Susan's Carpel Tunnel Story: From Fearful to Fantastic

Susan Hansen was nervous about her carpel tunnel surgery. Orthopedic hand surgeon, Stefan Zachary, DO, MS and the team helped put Susan at ease and she’s thrilled with the results. Here’s Susan’s story.


I was so nervous about this surgery. But Dr. Zachary and his staff went out of their way to put me at ease. Seriously. From Sarah who got me ready, to Kathryn, my nurse in the OR and also, Sue and Collette in the OR, along with Dr. Zachary, were all absolutely wonderful! I can't tell you how great this was for me.


And the best part is that I did not feel a thing and my hand is as good as new. It was such an unbelievably positive experience for me, in every which way. I am so glad I had the surgery and am very grateful to Dr. Zachary and his awesome team! Thanks for everything!