Susan Farnsworth's Recovery from Spine Surgery

After having spine surgery, Susan Farnsworth was able to return to running.


A little over one year ago I went in to Dr. Seth Williams. I was in tough shape, I mean very tough shape! I could barely walk through the door. Dr. Williams took X-rays, spoke to me and we scheduled a procedure to relieve my current pain. He took my symptoms seriously and came up with a plan. We did try a nerve procedure to alleviate some of my pain unto the surgery date. This procedure was only successful for a short time; however, it did help me enjoy my family vacation.


After the procedure, I was up and walking pain-free within a couple of hours! I thought that he was crazy to be so conservative in his post-operative treatment and subsequent timing for my physical therapy, but I just visited with him for a 1-year post-op appointment. I received the all clear at this appointment and am already back to running 3 miles every other day! This may not seem like much to some of you, but I am a 56-year-old woman who has only been running for about five years. I was told by my family and friends that I should give up running because of my age and back surgery. Dr. Williams is the only one who believed that I would be off and running again!


My plan is to run another half marathon in 2016 after training and running off these extra 10 pounds. I will dedicate my half and my personal-best run to Dr. Williams and his team. I cannot thank him and Carey Walters, PA-C, enough for not only giving me the ability to walk normally again, but to run for quite a few more years! When I get across that finish line, I'm sending a photo to Dr. Williams in a huge thank you note.