Michael Zaleski's Total Knee Replacement

Michael Zalewski underwent a total knee replacement. Here's his story.
Dr. Illgen did a total knee replacement in fall 2012. It was a piece of cake.
The first 36 hour were kind of tough, but meds helped a lot. When I awoke after those 36 hours, I was shocked at how well I felt. I walked around using crutches, no wheelchair or walker.
Four days after surgery I threw out the pain meds.
One week after surgery, I was only using one crutch. I was going up and down stairs the first day home from the hospital using a single crutch.
Physical therapy at home was most helpful. I followed its instructions religiously. By the end of the second week, I wasn't using crutches and had minimal pain, mostly on stairs.
It is now six weeks post-op. I have some stiffness, a range of motion of 134 degrees (the non-surgical knee is 135 degrees) and I walk without a limp. I can't believe how well it has turned out and how outstanding the care at UW Hospital and the UW Orthopedics and Rehabilitation program were. If you need a knee replacement, stop putting it off. Go for it. It is easy and after it is over, you will ask yourself why you waited.