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American Family Children's Hospital

Linda Seamars' Hip Replacement Surgery

Linda Seamars underwent hip replacement surgery, performed by Dr. Matthew Squire. Here's her story.


Linda Seamars, back on her bikeI'm now 52 years old. I had a bad hip from birth, which natural aging and arthritis made worse. I was to the point where I could barely walk and was in absolute agony - couldn't work, couldn't sleep, was completely miserable.


Dr. Squire performed a right hip replacement on me on November 19, 2010. The first week I used crutches. By the second week I was using a cane. By the third week I was slow but walking completely unsupported.


I returned to work as a mail carrier six weeks after surgery, casing my route in the office and delivering curbside, businesses and apartments. To be safe, I did not resume full walking duties until the middle of March, when the snow and ice were gone.


At that time I was able to work a full eight-hour shift, walking a route. I followed orders to resume my bicycling, with a gradual build in endurance and effort.


By the end of summer I was riding 65-70 miles at a time with no problem. It's absolutely great, like none of it every happened.


How great to be pain free and active again!