Repairing Daniel Beard's Shattered Elbow

Daniel Beard underwent orthopedic surgery on his arm after a serious accident when he was 12 years old. Here's his story.

When I was 12 years old, I had an unfortunate accident that resulted in me shattering my elbow, with fractures radiating up and down the rest of the bones in my arm.


I went to several doctors in my area - I lived in Illinois - to get a diagnosis on my arm and most of them said that I would have no chance of leading a normal life again, even if they did attempt to fix it.


However, one doctor said that, while he could not fix it properly, he knew someone who could and directed my parents and I to Dr. Kenneth Noonan at UW Hospital. When I got there, I was feeling very downtrodden because of what the other doctors had told me, but Dr. Noonan gave me hope again, since he looked at my x-rays and told me he could fix me.


I regained my hope after that and it only grew stronger after the operation, when he told me how it went. I started out with lots of pins and wires in my arm, as well as a metal pole. Now I only have a screw in my joint and a fully functional elbow. The only evidence of me ever having my accident are the scars from the surgery.


The staff at UW Health Orthopedics did what all other doctors I saw said was impossible and made it a reality. Because of their efforts, I am able to continue living my life like I was before my accident, which they will always have my gratitude for and the wish that they continue bringing hope back into people's lives.