Knee and Hip Comprehensive Non-Surgical Osteoarthritis Management Clinic

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Hip and knee osteoarthritis are common medical conditions, affecting more than half of Wisconsin adults over the age of 65. Symptoms related to osteoarthritis can be debilitating and can cause people to give up their hobbies and occupations. Decreased activity related to osteoarthritis can lead to further decline in a person's health.


The Comprehensive Non-Surgical Osteoarthritis Management Clinic is located at the orthopedics clinic at UW Health at The American Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Any patient with knee and hip pain due to osteoarthritis can be referred to the clinic for help in managing symptoms, discussing treatment options or developing a care plan for future arthritis management.


Man with knee pain

Patients who may benefit from being seen in this clinic include those with:

  • Early-stage or mild-to-moderate osteoarthritis who have not yet tried non-surgical options
  • Symptomatic osteoarthritis who are not candidates for total joint replacement because of other medical conditions
  • Symptomatic osteoarthritis who prefer to avoid or delay surgery.

Patients are seen by a physician and physical therapist at their first appointment. Nutritionists and health psychologists are available as needed to see patients. Patients usually have 2-6 visits over the course of a year with the goal of decreasing their osteoarthritis-related symptoms.


Treatment can include:

  • Lifestyle measures
  • Medications for pain control
  • Orthotics and walking aids
  • Injections and other procedures

The clinic team is also available to discuss when and if patients need to consider total joint replacement.


Group Medical Visits


Patients also have an option to be seen in a group medical visit. Patients who choose to participate will meet every-other-week for 6 sessions. Topics for these sessions include:

  • Osteoarthritis 101
  • Exercise and Activity in the management of osteoarthritis
  • Nutrition for osteoarthritis
  • Coping with osteoarthritis
  • Use of medications in the management of osteoarthritis
  • Benefits and risks of alternative treatment options and when to consider total joint replacement

Group medical visits are led by a physician or advanced practice provider and last 60 to 90 minutes, giving patients more time with their provider. Patients are seen in a group setting with 10-15 other patients. A regular office charge will be submitted to your insurance company. Co-payments and/or co-insurance may apply, depending on your specific health plan. Please check with your insurance plan regarding coverage for group medical visits.