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Why register your intent to become an organ donor in the Wisconsin Donor Registry? Organ, tissue and eye donation holds the promise of life for thousands of patients with life-threatening conditions and diseases. You can provide hope and meaning by simply registering your "Yes" decision to be an organ, tissue and eye donor.


Here's why...


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Chris Weihing

Marketing Secretary at Reedsburg Area Medical Center


Chris, Emily and Chris' sister, Julie after competing in the Capital City Run/Walk for Organ, Tissue and Eye Donation"Because, let's face it, I won't need my organs after I die, but someone's mommy, daddy, child, etc. will. In my case, I've been signed up/had the orange dot on my driver's license for as long as I can remember. It has always seemed the 'right thing' to do.


This hit home as reality in May 2012 when my youngest daughter's husband (age 31) became desperately ill with liver disease and we found out his only chance to live was through a liver transplant. The thought of our beautiful daughter being left a widow with two small children (ages 5 and 4) was overwhelming, to say the least, for my husband and me and devastating for her.


Our family and friends rallied with support and prayers while we waited and Gary's life drained away. While we prayed for renewed life, another family was mourning a tremendous loss and making a most courageous decision or following through on a decision already made: To donate the organs of their lost loved one. Through their precious, life-changing donation my son-in-law received, on June 6, 2012, his new liver and a chance to see his children grow up.


Today, he is well and my daughter's family is intact. Since then, in an effort to show our gratitude for, and to honor Gary's donor (and family), Emily (middle in photo), my sister, Julie (right in photo), and I run races (5Ks and half marathons) proudly wearing our Destination Donation singlets. We talk about organ donation to anyone who will listen and Emily and Gary speak to groups in the area to share how important it is.


The 'right thing' to do? You bet, and we have the proof!"





Jess Hammond, RN
UW Hospital and Clinics Neuro ICU


Jess Hammond, RN, UW Hospital and Clinics, Neuro ICU"I view my decision to join the Donor Registry as the giving of two gifts.


If I sustained a devastating injury, I would be giving the gift of life to people whose lives have been put on hold while they wait for a transplant. This one decision could possibly save the lives of eight people.


The second gift would be for my family. As a nurse in the Neuro ICU, I see families struggle with the decision regarding donation. By joining the Donor Registry and talking to my family about my decision, I am able to make my wishes known and prevent them from having to make that choice for me. They would be able to take some comfort in knowing that something positive was coming from our tragedy, and to hopefully help them start the healing process."





Miline Linder

UW Medical Foundation Medical Transcription Service


Miline Linder"Seven months ago, I received a pancreas transplant at UW Hospital that has made such a positive change in the quality of my life. I am definitely going register to be an organ donor. I'm a strong believer that organ donation saves and improves lives, and I want to pass along that message.


My husband and I have had many opportunities to share my experience with family and friends since my transplant, and I've received many "it's a miracle" comments - and indeed, I agree. But it's only possible through the generous and selfless organ donations of others."







Mary Baliker

Assistant Director, Cancer Control and Outreach

UW Carbone Cancer Center


Mary Baliker"I was diagnosed with kidney disease when I was 9 years old. My kidneys failed a few years later and I went on dialysis before I was fortunate enough to receive a kidney transplant at UW Hospital and Clinics.


Many people do not realize just how precious life is until tragedy or illness hits. My transplant has allowed me to live a healthy, normal, good quality of life for the past 30 years.


I believe my transplant has also made me realize that each day is a gift. I hope I can make a difference in the life of someone else, just as someone has for me. Becoming an organ and tissue donor is truly a selfless gift. Say 'Yes' to organ and tissue donation and sign up for the donor registry. I know I will be registering.


Recipients feel like the luckiest people in the world and cannot express the amount of gratitude we have for our donors, donor families and the transplant staff."