Why We Walk: Haley and Michaela's Story

The UW Health Transplant Program and UW Organ and Tissue Donation are supporters of the NKF Capital City Run/Walk for Organ, Tissue and Eye Donation.


Held each year on the last Saturday of July, the walk promotes the life-saving gifts provided by organ and tissue donors and celebrates the new life they give to transplant recipients. The 2014 run/walk is July 26, and we invite you to form a team, join Team UW: Orange Dot Maniacs or just lace up your shoes to join those who gratefully acknowledge their second chance at life.


This story, written and shared by Haley and Michaela, who both received liver transplants at the age of 17, reminds us why we walk.


Haley received a liver transplant when she was 17 years old.We walk in honor of the people who made it possible for us to be here today; most importantly our donors, their family, and our families and friends who were by our hospital bedside day and night when we were sick. We also walk for our fantastic UW Health doctors and nurses.


Participating in this 5k run/walk for organ, tissue, and eye donation gives us both a sense of pride. This walk is so important to us because this is something that we can do to honor our very special organ donors, because without them we would not be here today. We are both very strong and healthy now, thanks to the functioning livers donated by anonymous people. We both hope very much to learn more about our heroes one day, and will be ready to say thank you to their families, should they ever chose to meet us. We hope they do!

Michaela received a liver transplant when she was 17 years old.


We have accomplished a lot over this past year and want to show our strength by doing this walk in honor of our donors. At the walk, there are all ages of organ recipients and donors being honored- families who join together for a great cause, helps all of us transplant recipients give back to help promote organ and tissue donation.


Our organ donors gave such an amazing gift, a miracle for us, so walking in honor of them is a small act we can do to show them respect. We hope you join us in Madison on July 26!