Wendy's Poem

Wendy is a lung transplant recipient

Wendy, a lung transplant recipient, wrote this poem in tribute to her donor


Are you watching me

Are you glad for me
Is this hard to see
You have set me free
Are you watching me
The greatest gift you gave to me
How does one ever thank you for the extra time with my family
Are you watching me
I often think of you
And what your family lost
And what you gave to mine
Fairness is not here this time
Are you watching me
The skies are blue for me
Clouds pass by for me
Because of you
Are you watching me
I'm trying hard for you
I want you proud of me
Each day you see the ultimate gift you gave to me
Are you watching me
Do you feel the love I have for you
Because of you I continue to breathe again
Because of you I will enjoy my life until the very end
Please continue to watch me and see how proud I am of you