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Volunteering for UW Organ and Tissue Donation


If you have have other questions about our volunteer programs, please e-mail us.


Are You Currently Promoting Organ Donation?

The UW OTD team would like to know what you're doing in your community to help us share the life-saving message of organ donation in Wisconsin. Please e-mail us.


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UW Organ and Tissue Donation (UW OTD) in Madison, Wisconsin, has a large group of volunteers that assists in our efforts to educate the public about organ, tissue and eye donation. Donor families, recipients and anyone who is passionate about organ donation and transplantation are welcome to join the volunteer team.

This team makes community presentations, speaks to driver's education classes, staffs event booths, works with the Dottie Donor Dot mascot team, serves on committees and/or works with the media.

Volunteers go through a brief online training program to learn the most recent facts about donation and transplantation and to study tips for working with the public. Those with a personal connection to donation and/or transplantation can go to my transplant or donation experience to share their personal story.


Steps to Become a Volunteer


Our volunteer training program consists of three steps:

  1. Complete the Volunteer Contact Information form below
  2. After you submit the Volunteer Contact Information form,  take our online education and training session on organ, tissue, and eye donation. You must complete the training and receive a 100% on the quiz answers to become an active volunteer.
  3. After you complete the UW OTD Volunteer Online Training and quiz, complete the Volunteer Confidentiality and Agreement form and electronically submit it to UW OTD, or, print a hard copy and:
  • Mail to: UW OTD, 450 Science Drive, Suite 220, Madison, WI 53711-9135
  • Or fax to: (608) 890-9988

After you complete the three steps above you are a trained volunteer for UW OTD. Your name is added to our volunteer database. You receive e-mails that outline volunteer opportunities as they arise. Please note that due to our large volunteer team and state-wide work all volunteer communication is managed via e-mail.


If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the form below.


Thank you for your interest in joining our efforts to save more lives through organ, tissue and eye donation. We look forward to having you as a member of our volunteer team!



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