UW OTD Gratefully Honors Dedicated Volunteer Kay Anderson

Ripple Effect


Kay Anderson is a dedicated volunteer for UW OTD who was recognized with an Award of ExcellenceOver the past six years, volunteer Kay Anderson has made a huge impact on UW Organ and Tissue Donation’s mission to save more lives through organ donation.


For this reason, UW Organ and Tissue Donation (UW OTD) staff nominated Kay for the United Network for Organ Sharing’s National Donor Memorial Award for Excellence. Kay was one of 37 nominees, and UW OTD gave special recognition to her at its Volunteer Appreciation Event in June.


Kay has been touched by transplant and organ donation in many ways: Her husband received a corneal transplant early in their marriage; she donated a kidney to her son, who has received two additional kidney transplants in his lifetime; and she suffered the loss of her brother, who died waiting for a heart transplant.


Because of those experiences, Kay is able to offer feedback to nurses during consent workshops; speak to churches and community groups; and share her story with driver’s education classes. In fact, Kay’s story and presentation are so effective that she helped create a DVD for driving instructors to show to their students when UW OTD is unable to provide a volunteer speaker.


“Kay is able to speak on the subject of donation and transplantation with great expertise, and she is an incredibly valuable member of our volunteer team,” says Mike Anderson, executive director of UW OTD.