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For additional donation promotion materials, visit our online donation tool kit

UW Health OTD Driver's Education Tool Kit

Driver's education instructors in Wisconsin are required by law to provide 30 minutes of organ donation education.


The materials in this online tool kit will provide the information needed to properly educate your students on the topic of organ donation on the occasions when a speaker is not available.


They also serve as updated information for driver's education instructors who choose to teach the organ donation session themselves. Note: We are happy to work with you to arrange for a speaker from your area - Contact us


The Wisconsin Donor Registry, which became effective March 29, 2010, allows all Wisconsin residents the opportunity to go online to legally authorize their decision to be an organ and tissue donor. By making this decision today, citizens remove the burden of that decision from their family during an already traumatic time.


People age 15½ or older can register their authorization; however parents of minors can override their child's decision until the age of 18. For this reason, we encourage all driver's education students to discuss with their family what they learned about organ donation, and to share their personal donation decision with their family.

Please Use These Materials to Educate Your Students

  • Driver's education presentation video: Instructors can show this video to their students to fulfill the 30-minute training requirement. (YouTube)

  • Donation education PowerPoint slide deck (ppt). Instructors can show this slide deck to students, or use the driver's education presentation video.
  • Donation education flyer (pdf). Print this flyer for your students.
  • Donation and Registry FAQ (pdf). Print this handout for your students 
  • We offer business-size cards with the Wisconsin Donor Registry URL free to all instructors. Contact us to request a supply.



Do you have questions about the registry? Wondering how to use this tool kit? Need to request a speaker? Want to order your own DVD of the driver's education presentation video? Wish to request additional Wisconsin Donor Registry URL cards? Contact us at uwotd@uwhealth.org or (608) 265-0356.