UW Organ and Tissue Donation Donor Tributes: Rachel's Story

UW Health Organ Procurement Organization organ donor RachelThe following tribute was written by Rachel's mother.


My daughter Rachel was 23 when she donated her organs to others. She was the sunshine of my life and I am so grateful that she was able to continue to give of herself, even in death.


She was a very kind, caring and giving person. She felt strongly about being an organ donor and she always had the organ donor sticker on her license.


Rachel was an athlete and took good care of herself. She was a black belt in karate, loved to snowboard, rollerblade, play volleyball, softball, soccer and ultimate Frisbee.


At an early age she decided to become a vegetarian out of respect for animals. She ate well and tried to exercise regularly. She was very lucky to have had excellent health care throughout her life.


Rachel had a very special talent with children. They were drawn to her and she to them. She worked with children in many settings and she delighted in children's playfulness and innocence.


She, herself, was innocent and often childlike. She had a sparkle in her eye and her smile could light up the room with its radiance. She was dearly loved by her friends, co-workers and family.


Rachel loved to travel. She spent her early years in Singapore, where her parents were teaching. She traveled to India with her family and hoped to return some day. She loved to go snowboarding in Colorado.


We hope that Rachel's gift will enable others to have a good and healthy life. To the recipients, we want you to hug your children and hold them close. Tell your family that you love them and live your life with love and justice and peace.