Roy's Story

Roy Irwin Heck IIIEven as a toddler, Roy was full of life,
Running and playing, without any strife

Energy all day, he lived without care,
From where did it come? Maybe that red hair?

He took a liking to ball, to run around bases,
He put a big smile on everyone's faces

A swing and a hit, which ball was long gone,
And his love for that game, his love carried on

"It's time to grow up now, get you a job,"
"A job is for sissies, it's fishing I love."

With pole in hand, he headed to the lake,
Proud of his catch, a picture he'd take.

He would call late at night, when he ran out of beer,
"Mom, can I get 20?" he'd ask without fear.

Mom would say no, she did it with care.
If Roy did not say "Love you momma," it would be rare.

He lived without care, and marched to his own beat,
He needed to live, live life on his feet.

His time would come quick, "God, he was just born,"
Saved at 16, he is now in God's arms.

Roy will be missed, by all that he knew,
But some day we will see him, this you hold true.

You see, God needed a soldier, to help lead the great fight.
He will rise up his sword, and he will show us his light.

Roy was in an accident on March 29, 2010, coming back from a week of riding the rapids with his friends in New Braunfels, Texas. We had my son for three days after his accident, at which time we let God take him home so others could have the gift of life. He was able to give four people a second chance of life with five organs.

That was the start of the blanket ministry. Named after my son, Roy Irwin Heck III, "It's a 'HECK' of a Blanket" was born. We make blankets for those who lose a loved one and who become organ donors. On the blankets are words of scripture and comfort.

Roy's legacy will live on through the four lives he saved, but it will also live on though the blankets that touch those in their darkest hour. Roy was our hero before death, and through his generosity is a hero after death.


- Shannon, Roy's mother