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New technology will make it even easier to register as an organ, tissue and eye donor.The State of Wisconsin and Donate Life Wisconsin (DLW) have partnered to launch new technology that makes it easier than ever to register as an organ, tissue and eye donor.


Funded and developed by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services as a registry enhancement tool, "Swipe to Donate Life" offers a fast, accurate and secure way for people to add their name to the statewide donor registry.


Wisconsin is only the seventh state to use this technology, developed by Countermind LLC. Swipe to Donate Life uses iOS and scanner sled technology to quickly and easily scan a driver's license or State I.D. and accurately populate needed information into an app that communicates with the online registry. A person simply reads and agrees to a short donor consent statement, and hits submit – with the whole process taking less than a minute.


"A key benefit of the technology is that it helps us bring the online registry directly to people and allows donors to register on the spot rather than leaving with the intent to register and hoping they take time later to complete the process online," says Joanne Grunau, president, Donate Life Wisconsin. "Staff and volunteers who have Swipe on their smart device can register anyone, anywhere, anytime."


Grunau adds that another benefit is the ability to bring the registry to rural areas, to the elderly and to other people and places without access to a reliable internet connection.


"Swipe is a wonderful new tool to help more people register as a donor," says Mike Anderson, Executive Director at UW OTD. "We're excited that our staff can bring this technology into hospitals and communities. Registering as a donor saves more lives, and helps families know their loved-ones wishes are being honored."