Let's Meet: The Community Team at the UW Health OPO

The UW Health OPO Community TeamThe community team is located at the UW Health Organ Procedure Organization. The team consists of six individuals whose work includes efforts to increase awareness about organ donation and the number of registered donors.


The main goal of the community team is to make people aware of the critical need for more donors and provide them with essential information. By answering each individual’s questions, it can make it easier for them to make a decision about donation. By providing a resource for individuals to legally record their donation decision through the Donor Registry, the team strives to increase organ donations.


Since joining the OPO in August 2005, Trey Schwab has served as organ procurement outreach coordinator. He has served as co-chair of the Transplant Games organizing committee for the last four years. Recently, he traveled with the Legacy of Life Tour, which visited 10 cities statewide to kick off the official countdown to the Games.


Mary Nachreiner joined the OPO in August 2003 and serves as the community family specialist. She has served as co-chair of the National Donor Memorial Advisory Committee, and currently serves on the national UNOS Board. After their daughter and sister Kelly became a donor, Mary and her family initiated a law to require drivers’ education classes to devote 30 minutes of class time to discuss organ donation. Former Governor Tommy Thompson signed the Kelly Nachreiner Bill into law on May 9, 2000.


Laura Braund, the OPO’s administrative secretary, keeps everything on schedule and well-organized. Kathy Schultz, senior marketing consultant, provides marketing, media and PR expertise for the UW Health OPO and Transplant programs. Dina Steinberger, manager of donation services, provides leadership to the community team, and Kurt Unterholzner, who is also an organ procurement coordinator, recently joined the team to assist with volunteer management and event coordination.


This dedicated team works to support, educate and maintain relationships with others, and to engage people in the mission of improving organ donation in Wisconsin. Together, their work gets the public’s attention, and ultimately means more lives are saved through organ donation.