Joshua's Story

Joshua Richards was an organ donor.Joshua's story, as shared by his dad, Chuck


Our time with Joshua was a wonderful gift that was too short, but each and every one of the 4,600 days we had with Joshua is cherished and was lived to the fullest! While his time with us here was cut short on that crisp sunny October morning, the times we had will not be forgotten and we are forever changed for the better because of his never ending curiosity and fearless nature. He always had a smile on his face and was quick to laugh. To say he was very creative would be a great understatement. How many 10-year-olds wire up a computer battery backup to their bike with a trailer he made, to power Christmas tree lights he installed on his bike? "Dad, it's safer this way," Josh said. "The cars can see me." I replied, "Yes Josh, but does it need to blink?"


Josh loved anything mechanical and or electrical, especially if it had a computer or engine. He was never content to leave it be, everything could/should be improved and or customized. Hence, the amazing disappearing duct tape and zip ties from the garage. It was truly inspiring to see the things that he would come up with.


His love of the water was marvelous and extremely enjoyable to witness. He was forever in the water whenever he had the opportunity. When he was younger, it was the bathtub and kiddy pool. As he got older, it was the pool/creek/river/Great Lakes … anything that was wet. I think he enjoyed it more than his black lab, Chase, and definitely more than his beagle Snoopy - which he did get to swim with him on occasion. (Yes, treats were involved.)


In the winter, it was building snow forts and sleeping in Quincy's, or ice fishing - which was more about snowmobiling or playing in the snow then catching any fish. While we lost one of our greatest gifts we are thankful he could live on though the gift of a better life for so many others, via his donations. We would like to send our thanks to all the wonderful and truly caring staff members who helped us extend Josh's impact on the world. The world is missing one astonishingly creative and loving person who is greatly missed each and every minute through all the lives he touched!


"Hey Dad?"


"Yes Josh?"


12 years, 7 months, 3 days, forever with us. Jess, Max, Mom and Dad. Never stop questioning!