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Because 98 percent of Wisconsinites make their organ donation decision at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Donate Life Wisconsin (DLW) has been working with that department to grow the Wisconsin Donor Registry.


DLW formed a workgroup that visited all the service centers within the past three years and created a two-year strategic plan to increase organ donation registration at the DMVs.


For its pilot program, titled “I Said Yes,” the group has been able to partner with the Milwaukee Bucks and Wisconsin citizens to create a variety of promotional materials. The pilot program is underway at the 12 DMVs serving the most people statewide. In April 2016, the group began distributing materials to those centers- materials that put organ, tissue and eye donation front and center.


Donate Life Wisconsin created a campaign in partnership with the Wisconsin DMV to promote organ donation.

“Our goal is to influence people before they reach the field agent, where they will make their decision about being an organ donor,” says Carol Hay, UW Organ and Tissue Donation outreach coordinator and one of the committee’s co-chairs. “We want to figure out the most effective way to reach people while they are there and encourage everyday heroes to register as organ, tissue and eye donors.”


The campaign includes:

  • Banners on the outsides of the buildings
  • Posters on the walls
  • Window clings at the entrance doors
  • Mats on the tables where customers fill out their forms
  • Donate Life polo shirts for staff members who want to wear them
  • Posters in employee break rooms with content that changes every two months and highlights individual stories, statistics and common questions about organ donation

“One of our big pushes has been creating multi-ethnic materials, with some in Spanish,” says Carol. “Our goal was to create marketing messages that speak to the variety of DMV customer demographics.”


In October, the group will gather the data from the pilot program and decide in 2017 which materials to expand to DMVs across the state of Wisconsin.