Everyday Heroes at UW Health

Ripple Effect


UW Health is home to one of the world’s largest and most successful organ and tissue donation and transplant programs. During National Donate Life Month, we’re sharing some facts about the donation process (pdf), a story of courage as shared by the family of donor Cory Adams and the story below, which highlights two Everyday Heroes right here at UW Health.


Organ, tissue and eye donation is the greatest gift we can share. We encourage you to take a few minutes to learn more about our amazing UW Health team, and the facts about donation. Please take two minutes to register your donation decision online.


UW Health employee Amanda White featured in the Everyday Heroes campaign to raise awareness about organ donation.“Everyday Heroes” at UW Health


Did you know that 98 percent of Wisconsinites make their organ donation decision at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)? The UW Health Transplant Program and UW Organ and Tissue Donation have been working with Donate Life Wisconsin (DLW) to increase the number of people who “say yes” and register as organ, tissue and eye donors while at the DMV. Last year, the team kicked off a pilot program in 12the DMVs titled “I Said Yes.”


“Our goal is to influence people before they reach the DMV field agent, where they will make their decision about being an organ donor,” says Carol Hay, UW Organ and Tissue Donation outreach coordinator and one of the committee’s co-chairs. “We want to figure out the most effective way to reach people while they are there and encourage everyday heroes to register as organ, tissue and eye donors.”


Two UW Health employees are featured in the campaign: Trina Copus, Clinic Manager at the DeForest-Windsor Clinic; and Amanda White (pictured left), a Corporate Communications Strategist. Both advocates of the mission, they were pleased to be invited to represent work that is important to the community, and UW Health. Their personal quotes were used in the campaign.


After monitoring an increase of registered donors in the 12 pilot DMVs, DLW initiated placement of paid advertising, so you may have sighted Trina and Amanda on a billboard, bus or magazine while in Madison, Milwaukee or Green Bay. In 2017, DLW is expanding the program to all 92 DMVs in the state, and additional cities.


UW Health is proud to be home to one of the world’s largest and most successful organ and tissue donation and transplant programs; as well as two everyday heroes.