Dottie Donor Dot

Support Organ Donation

Meet Dottie Donor Dot™, Wisconsin’s official organ, tissue and eye donation mascot.


Dottie was created in 2008 by UW Organ and Tissue Donation, with support from WPS Health Insurance. Dottie works with Wisconsin donation advocacy groups across the state to help create more awareness of the importance of registering as an organ, tissue and eye donor.


Dottie makes appearances in Wisconsin at public venues such as parades, sporting events, race/walks and health fairs. When Dottie is on the scene, she'll be accompanied by trained organ donation volunteers who have a thorough knowledge of the Wisconsin Donor Registry. Dottie has helped millions of people in Wisconsin because she creates a new way for people to discuss their donation decision.


To book an event on Dottie's schedule, email


Organizations/people who request Dottie are responsible for:

  • Arranging transportation to/from the UW OTD office in Madison, WI during normal office hours
  • Locating their own volunteers to serve as mascot and escort
  • Ensuring that the Dottie volunteers read through the short Dottie mascot/escort training document (pdf)
  • Returning their signed Dottie usage agreement to

Dottie and her escort Samantha made tracks around a golf course during a golf event that worked to promote organ, tissue and eye donation and raise funds for donation awareness efforts in Wisconsin.