Donor Link: A Faster Means to Allocation

UW Health Organ Procurement Organization's donor link web systemThe UW Organ and Tissue Donation is excited to introduce Donor Link, a newly developed web-based system used to track each step of the organ donation process.


From initial referral through the phases of consent, clinical management, organ recovery and transplantation, and including family follow-up, information on each organ donor will be managed through Donor Link.


Donor Link improves the efficiency and accuracy of the current donor network system because it brought together information from several separate donor programs. Donor Link is also fully compatible with the national United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) system, which assists in faster organ allocation.


By replacing current programs with one central database, Donor Link allows for a reduction in transcription errors and eliminates duplicate entries, ultimately making the process of organ donation more secure and efficient.

In addition, Donor Link will enable the OTD to transmit information electronically to partner agencies and hospitals, thereby reducing paper waste.

The final stage of Donor Link will be live by November 29, 2010.