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At UW Organ and Tissue Donation Donor Family Services, we recognize that the death of a loved one changes our lives forever. Coping with loss is a process that takes time and each person's grief is unique. Our staff is committed to supporting donor families through our aftercare program. The program includes resources, mailings, phone calls and other support options.
Donor/Family Services
The dedicated staff at UW Organ and Tissue Donation offer many services for organ donor families. They include:
  • Formal follow-up care through phone contacts and mailings
  • Emotional support and referrals to resources
  • Communication liaison for donor families and recipients

Donor Family and Recipient Correspondence Program

UW Organ and Tissue Donation Donor Family Services staff members facilitate communication between donor families and recipients. Many families and recipients find great comfort in, and are grateful for, the communication they receive from each other. Learn about writing your donor family

Donor Tributes and Recipient Stories

As time passes, friend and family members often express their desire to share a tribute to their loved one. Donor families are encouraged to post a tribute and photo.

Donor Family Facebook Support Group

The UW OTD Donor Family Community, a Facebook online donor family support group, is administered by UW OTD's Donor Family Services Department for the purpose of providing a forum for donor families to connect with and support one another along their grief journey.
Grief Support and Additional Resources
UW Organ and Tissue Donation makes these materials and resources available to support donor families.
Online Resources

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