David's Story

David (pictured) donated his organs after succumbing to a heart attack. His mother relays his story.


David, organ donor"All he ever did was give and when he was gone, he gave some more."


This quote sums up the story of David.

On June 12, 2007, during a routine training exercise, David collapsed between evolutions from a massive heart attack. His brother firefighters were unable to revive him. He was 42 years old.


The decision of organ and tissue donation was never a hesitation. He will continue to save!


David's true love was the fire department. It started at a very young age. His father was a member of the Monroe Fire Department. He was the youngest of four children and sought every opportunity to go the firehouse with his father. He would race on his bike to see the fire trucks responding to calls. He insisted on hearing complete details when his Dad returned from a call.


Following in the footsteps of his father, uncles and cousins, David joined the department in October 1986 at the age of 22. He wore badge number 38 with honor. David found his passion in vehicle extrication. He had the never-ending desire to help those in need. He became an instructor for hundreds of firefighters, EMTs and first responders on vehicle extrication skills and techniques to save lives on our roadways.

David enjoyed the little things. He volunteered to walk the field when deer hunting so the others with him would have the chance to see one first, enjoyed acting silly and telling terrible jokes to make you roll your eyes and laugh at him, engaged in those lengthy, detailed "I have looked up the information and just want your opinion" conversations that made you just want to get up and walk away. His family and friends knew they were secondary to the call to duty. We were always OK with it.


From: Father, Ken; mother, Dottie; sons Derek and Jacob; daughter Danielle; sisters Ruth Ann and Linda; brother, Mark; brothers-in-laws, Joe and Mark; nephews Hans, Mark and Lance.


We miss you!