Danielle's Story

The following was written in tribute to Danielle (pictured), whose organs were donated after her death.


UW Health Organ Procurement Organization organ donor DanielleI want to tell you about my wonderful daughter. She was 26 years old and a great daughter, sister and mom. She has two daughters, ages 4 and 7.


The day of her accident was a tragedy but she always wanted to help others and had always told everyone close to her of her plans to share herself, even after dying. This was the type of woman she had became and as a mom I am so proud of her and the fact that she changed so many lives while here on Earth.


When she passed away my driveway had more cars than I could count. This went on for three days, people stopping just to say thank you to us for raising a daughter who helped so many. She had touched so many lives, I am sure she never even realized what her smile and nice words did for people.


Her girls remember their mom with love and miss her but realize she is now in Heaven, and there is no better place. We share memories of her often and it seems that her love reaches us no matter what memory we are telling.


I remember her kindergarten teacher once telling me at a parent-teacher meeting how my daughter was the little mother of the class who always watched out for the younger children and wanted to be the caregiver. Well, I can tell you that never changed. She gave all she had to those she loved and even to complete strangers.


She was an animal lover and rescued many. This legacy is now seen in her daughters. I have been told that her gift of organ donation has helped four families. Let me tell you, she is smiling down on each and every one of them and is so happy that she could help.


She always told me she never wanted a family to have to go through loss, if she could help it. As a mom I hurt over her loss daily, but I am thankful to know that her dreams came true and she continues to help from up above. I taught my children if you make the difference in just one life, then your life was worth living.


I am thankful the good Lord gave me 26 wonderful years with my daughter and best friend, who is forever in my heart.